Our Premium Range is modern, architectural and elegant.

Premium Hover 2Premium Range

Our Premium Range features modern, architectural & elegant profiles for the contemporary home.

Manufactured from sustainably sourced, 100% NZ Pine fingerjoint (with no set-up charge), or we can also supply in a wide range of native and exotic timbers.

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Offers both elegance and simplicity to your modern home.

SA111A 90mm x 19mm

SA111B 140mm x 19mm


Sleek and sophisticated with a hint of Art Deco drama.

SA19A 90mm x 19mm

SA19B 140mm x 19mm


Provides a warm, inviting line that will stand up to all the hard knocks of a busy family.

SA200A 90mm x 19mm

SA200C 140mm x 19mm


Gives you the flowing curves you’ve been looking for.

SA213A 90mm x 19mm

SA213B 140mm x 19mm


Take the path less travelled! The Tuscany profile offers you the flexibility to turn every corner without losing your line.

SA109A 90mm x 19mm

SA109B 140mm x 19mm


Twice as nice! The new Verona profile gives you the connectivity of the Tuscany with a bit of extra va-voom!

SA110A 90mm x 19mm

SA110B 140mm x 19mm

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