As timber is an organic material, please remember that it can be damaged by improper handling or storage. To keep your purchase looking its best, our products should be stored flat and kept dry at all times. Please store all timber off the ground, on a level surface, and out of direct sunlight. Mouldings should be stored with a flat or close evenly-spaced support to prevent bowing.


LRV (Light Reflectance Value) is a measure of how much light is reflected off a coloured surface. When coating timber that will be exposed to sunlight, it is important to consider the LRV of the paint or stain you intend to use. Timber generally requires a LRV of 40% or greater to minimise the amount of heat build-up in the timber and the resultant thermal movement. Darker paint colours with LRV ratings of less than 40% may cause your timber to warp, shrink or crack. Many paint manufacturers now offer exterior finishes that offer dark colours with high LRV ratings. For more information about the LRV of your chosen finish, please contact the supplier.


We also recommend that products are primed or sealed on all surfaces (including end grain) to prolong the lifetime of your timber.


NZ Timber Profiles takes pride in our quality control. If you are unhappy with the mouldings you receive from us, then we want to hear from you. We will gladly retrieve and replace faulty products. If we cannot replace a faulty product, we will retrieve the product and offer a full refund. We ask you to check your order upon receipt and get in touch with us within three working days if you find any issues. Please note that we cannot replace or refund product once it has been installed, so the onus is on the customer to check that they are happy with the product before installation. Unfortunately, we can accept no liability for issues caused by improper handling or storage once the product leaves NZ Timber Profiles’ possession. This includes damage during transit when the client has arranged their own transport.