Our Select Range offers unique high quality designed moulds at affordable prices.

Architrave SA100A / Wall Lining TGP20D 172mm x 19mm in Knotty PineSelect Range

Our Select Range offers unique, high-quality skirtings and architraves at an affordable price.

What a great way to add a bit of extra style without breaking the bank. Manufactured from sustainably sourced, 100% NZ Pine fingerjoint (with no set-up charge), or we can also supply in a wide range of native and exotic timbers.

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Adds a sharp, modern line to your next building project.

SA100B 90mm x 19mm

SA100D 140mm x 19mm


Creates a dramatic, defined look.

SA105A 90mm x 19mm

SA105C 140mm x 19mm


Glenbrook profile is a smart, slimline trim for those who appreciate the finer details.

SA7B 90mm x 14mm

SA7C 140mm x 14mm


The right balance between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

SA400A 90mm x 19mm

SA400C 140mm x 19mm


Offers a softer line to your home’s aesthetic.

SA99A 90mm x 19mm

SA99B 140mm x 19mm


Ramarama is a traditional, colonial style with gentle curves.

SA203A 90mm x 19mm

SA203C 140mm x 19mm

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